6 Cheap Date Night Ideas for Couples

6 Cheap Date Night Ideas for Couples

When money is tight, it can be hard to find ways to date your partner and keep the fire burning without having to spend money. It can seem like everything costs money- romantic holidays, cinema tickets, dinner at a restaurants, cocktail evening.

But what if I told you that there are some really cheap date night ideas that you may not have considered? Take a look at the list below to get inspired, you don’t have to spend lots of money to show your partner that you love them!

  • Picnics

A picnic- is there a more romantic date idea? Luckily a picnic is also a super budget-friendly date. You could bring homemade quiche, fruits and a little wine and spend a wonderful summer evening in each other’s company.

  • Movie Night At Home

One for the winter- a movie night at home! Make some popcorn and serve in cute bowls for a real cinematic experience.

You could even make paper ticket stubs to surprise your partner with their favourite movie!

  • Discover A New Place Together

Discovering something new is a great way to bond as a couple. Head out for a walk or a hike near your home and go somewhere new!

Whether you find a cute park you never knew existed, or perhaps rows of beautiful houses, you are making memories for years to come.

As humans, we like to stick to what we know, so it’s a great idea to break out of that and discover something new.

  • Learn A New Skill Together

Learning a new skill takes patience, and what better than to go through this journey with your partner?

Find something that you are both passionate about- maybe you’ve both always wanted to visit Paris and learn French, for example.

Then make a pact to learn French together! There are a ton of free resources online that you can use to learn a new language. You can even practice together!

Take a look at this dating advice from top dating websites for even more ideas.

  • Create Homemade Gifts For Each Other

A homemade gift requires thought and care- there’s a reason we all thought mixtapes were so romantic back in the day!

Think about your partner and make them something they will love- and then exchange them over a candlelit dinner at home.

Put a spending limit on the materials that you will use and you will have a very cheap and lovely evening together.

  • Head To A Free Museum Or Gallery

There are a ton of free museums and galleries in most major cities in the world- and most of them are awesome! In the UK in particular we are spoiled with a crazy number of exciting museums and galleries which are completely free to enter.

A brilliant date idea is to head to one of your favourites (or perhaps one neither of you have been to before!) and spend an afternoon or evening soaking up the artworks or artefacts.

Pick up a coffee and cake whilst you’re at the museum and you have yourself a very cheap date!

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