5 tips for dating a new partner in lockdown

Dating a new partner can be both exciting and challenging at the best of times- but with lockdown thrown in? It makes it all the more harder to maintain the spark of a new relationship when you’ve only just started dating. That said, with the technology that we now have, we are lucky that some parts of dating don’t have to change. You CAN still maintain a relationship virtually with the help of the internet. Here are our top tips for dating a new partner during lockdown, and beyond!

Virtual Dinner Dates

Dinner or drinks is usually a fun way to get to know a new partner- you can try out some new foods, get dressed up and enjoy each other’s company. A virtual dinner date or drinks aren’t quite the same (namely because you have to either order takeaway or make the dinner yourselves!!) but this is still a great excuse to get dressed up and connect without any other distractions.

Film Nights

So you’ve all seen the American movies where teenagers watch films together on the phone? Go back in time to the 80s and watch a film together (virtually!) Load up Netflix, count down and press play at the same time. You can either video call during the movie, or chat once the film has ended. It’s a great way to get to know each other’s tastes.

Old Fashioned Love Letters

Remember the days of letter writing? If you’ve found each other on a free dating site, why not go back to the old fashioned days of sending a handwritten note to your new partner, or send them a treat in the post? Whether that’s flowers, cakes or a card- everyone loves to know that someone is thinking of them! It’s the perfect surprise.

Make Plans For The Future

So you’ve found each other on a dating website like Match Me Happy. But when you can’t see each other in person, it can be hard to move the relationship forward and start getting more serious. However, by making plans for dates and trips in the future, this gets you both excited for what is to come, and keeps you both upbeat about your future together!

Try Something New Together

Ever learnt a new skill with a partner? Maybe learned a new language, or tried cooking a new dish? It doesn’t often happen. But in this lockdown world, trying something new as a couple is a great way to get to know each other better and to form a great connection. Why not make the decision to learn something each of you have never done before, and then help each other work it out!

Although it might be a little bit harder to maintain the spark of a new relationship whilst in lockdown, there are so many things that you can do to stay connected, and ensure that once lockdown is lifted, you are feeling more connected than ever. Make an effort during this time, and it could mean that you have a great foundation for the future.

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