10 Healthy Relationship Habits

10 Healthy Relationship Habits

So you want to have the kind of relationship where you love someone and are loved in return- it’s not hard right? But sometimes it feels hard when you fall into bad habits in a relationship.

Here are some top healthy relationship habits that you can use to bring you closer to your partner and happier in your relationship.

  • Listen to your partner

Listening to your partner is one of the best ways to have a better connection with them. Listen to what they have to say (and listen out for the things they’re not saying too!)

  • Communication

Communication is the basis of all good relationships- you can’t expect your partner to read your mind. Tell them what you’re thinking rather than giving them the cold shoulder. And expect the same from them in return.

  • Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. After a long day at the office, laughing with your partner will make everything feel ok.

  • Make time for each other

For a relationship to thrive, you need to make time for each other. If you’ve got plans for most of the weekend and you’re about to fill the slot for Friday night too? Why not spend some quality time with your partner instead. Check out these cheap date ideas for some inspiration.

  • Get rid of distractions

If you’re both sat on your phone all evening, every evening, you are distracted and not giving each other the attention that you both deserve.

Perhaps set a rule that you’ll leave your phones in another room before you go to bed, or maybe that you won’t watch TV when you’re having dinner. This helps to allow space for spending some quality time together.

  • Share their passions

Even if he or she is obsessed with sports, but you have zero interest, it’s still important to share in their highs and lows of their passions.

It always feels good to be able to share the joy you feel with loved ones- allow your partner to do that.

  • Ask questions

You need to show your partner that you are interested in their life- whether that’s the day to day stuff or their greater passions in life. Ask your partner questions about themselves to show an interest in them and their life.

  • Don’t sleep on an argument

It’s the oldest relationship trick in the book- don’t go to sleep on an argument. Trying to go to sleep when you’re upset about something is probably the worst thing that you can do.

Always try to work out any disagreement before going to sleep. There is nothing worse than both lying facing the ceiling, too stubborn to resolve the argument.

  • Remember special moments

It’s a cliché, but remembering and celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or special places builds your strength as a couple and is a great opportunity to look back on great memories and see how far you’ve come as a couple.

  • Be thoughtful and kind

Kindness is perhaps one of the most underrated qualities that you can find in a partner. But if you can’t show your partner kindness, or they can’t show kindness to you, it’s time to leave. A relationship without kindness is toxic.

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